What I See in D.C.

3 thoughts on “What I See in D.C.”

  1. I will thoroughly enjoy reading this slowly!

    Dad told about 5 other DC stories I ought to relay to you.

    L, D

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  2. this is your BOOK——, Charlotte…so moving…so beautiful. Hold onto these blog entries tight. LOVE the memories written by your grandfather about his DC food-related work on the back of that terrific photo—!!! wouldn’t we have loved finding a photo like that in our research on everyday eating in NC—and your dream of the Watauga River. wow. that made me stop and read it again and again.

    hope you both are having a great summer—sounds like you are. Would love for you to meet my dearest friend, veteran journalist/food writer/NPR commentator, Bonny Wolf, who lives across the street from the Eastern Market. if you’re interested, I’ll make introductions—

    all the best, Marcie

    Marcie Cohen Ferris, Ph.D. Professor, American Studies Dept. Co-Chair, UNC FOOD FOR ALL CB 3520, 320 Greenlaw University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3520 H 919-968-8280 M 919-360-9718 twitter: @ferrismcf

    The Edible South: The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region (UNC Press, Fall 2014)


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